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Team Cleary brings home 8 WESTERN REGION TITLES!

After 3 days of tremendous competition in downtown San Francisco, Team Cleary is thrilled to bring home 8 Western US Regional Titles in both solo and team competitions!

Cleary Irish Dance sent 70 dancers to compete across 14 ceili team competitions, 22 traditional set competitions, and 27 solo championship competitions at this year's qualifying event for the World Championships. They certainly put their best feet forward, winning 3 solo championship titles, 5 ceili team titles, qualifying 12 solo dancers for the World Championships, and achieving a 99% recall rate!

See a full list of our successes below!


Girls U8 - Maeve R 11th place

Girls U9 - Phoebe L 3rd place

Boys U9 - Rex G 2nd place

Boys U10 - Jake Mc 1st place WR Champion! *WQ*

Girls U11 - Jessie A 3rd place *WQ*

Girls U11 - Fiona Mc 9th place *WQ*

Girls U11 - Julie D 13th place

Girls U11 - Goldie G 15th place

Girls U11 - Opal L 36th

Boys U11 - Jonathan S 1st place WR Champion! *WQ*

Girls U12 - Grace R 1st place WR Champion! *WQ*

Girls U12 - Charlotte B-Mc 21st place

Girls U12 - Sasha K 23rd place

Girls U13 - Hannah Mc 7th place *WQ*

Girls U13 - Mia S 16th place *WQ*

Girls U13 - Caroline S 43rd place

Girls U14 - Izzy T 2nd place *WQ*

Girls U14 - Talia K 16th place *WQ*

Girls U14 - Jill D 54th place

Girls U15 - Savannah R 12th place *WQ*

Girls U15 - Claire G 22nd place

Girls U15 - Emma S 28th place

Girls U16 - O'Meara R 17th place

Girls U16 - Madelyn S 29th place

Girls U18 - Erin A 5th place *WQ*

Girls U20 - Hunter G 5th place *WQ*


Girls Ceili U10 - 7th place

Mixed Ceili U10 - 1st place WR Champions!

Girls Ceili U12 - 1st place WR Champions!

Girls Ceili U12 - 18th place

Mixed Ceili U12 - 1st place WR Champions!

Mixed Ceili U12 - 5th place

Girls Ceili U15 - 1st place WR Champions!

Girls Ceili U15 - 9th place

Ladies Ceili 15&O - 2nd place

Ladies Ceili 15&O - 7th place

Adult Ladies Ceili - 2nd place

Adult Ladies Ceili - 7th place

Adult Mixed Ceili - 1st place WR Champions!

Adult Mixed Ceili - 2nd place

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