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What is the class schedule?

Click here to view the weekly class schedule. 

Can I watch a class before signing up?

Each new student is invited to attend four “trial” classes without further obligation or commitment. The four “trial” sessions do not have to be consecutive and do not have to be taken at the same class location/time. No special shoes or clothing are required.

What happens after the 4-Class Trial?

At the end of the trial session, continuing students may enroll in the school at which time they pay the annual enrollment fee  and purchase the class uniform. The class uniform consist of a purple school t-shirt and black school shorts.  No uniform for adult students! 

Does my child need to compete?

Entering competitions when the time comes is encouraged but not mandatory. Beginning students do not require full costumes to enter competitions.

Ready to start Irish Dancing? Fantastic!

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Cleary Irish Dance is dedicated to creating an environment that respects and values the uniqueness of each individual.

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