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16 Western US Regional Titles for Team Cleary

After two long years away from competition and team dancing, Team Cleary was delighted to participate in the 2021 Western US Regional Championships in Phoenix, AZ! 40 students represented Cleary Irish Dance over several days of competition against the best dancers from across the Western US. We are so incredibly proud of this team bringing home a whopping 32 Top 5 placements and 16 Championships Titles!

Solo Results

Quin Bunch - 2nd Boys U8

Harper Champlin - CHAMPION Girls U9

Lily Raimondo - 4th Girls U9

Ella Cronan - WQ 4th Girls U10

Alana Piroch - WQ 8th Girls U11

Larkin Hathaway - 15th Girls U12

Rio Navarro - WQ CHAMPION Boys U12

Phoebe Linn - WQ 6th Girls U14

Maddy Watson - 53rd Girls U15

Jessie Armstrong - WQ 6th Girls U16

Caroline Haines - 18th Girls U16

Emilie Hyllengren - 19th Girls U16

Josie Marks - 25th Girls U16

Jonathan Shirley - WQ CHAMPION Boys U16

Nathan Brennan - WQ 5th Boys U16

Grace Reynolds - WQ CHAMPION Girls U17

Charlotte Bradley McKinnon - WQ 5th Girls U17

Olivia Lehnert - WQ 7th Girls U17

Megan Hague - 16th Girls U17

Sinead Carey - 18th Girls U17

Caroline Safford - 9th Ladies U18

Izzy Taulli - WQ CHAMPION Ladies U19

Cadi Creager - WQ 3rd Ladies U19

Kelly Mack - 11th Ladies U22

Shannon Scott - WQ CHAMPION Ladies 22&Over

Team Results

Girls 8-hand U10 - 1st Place

Mixed 8-hand U10 - 2nd Place

Girls 8-hand U12 - 1st Place

Mixed 8-hand U12 - 1st Place

Girls 8-hand U15 - 3rd Place

Mixed 8-hand U15 - 1st Place

Ladies 8-hand U18 - 1st Place

Mixed 8-hand 15&Over - 1st Place

Ladies 8-hand 18&Over - 1st Place

Girls 4-hand U10 - 3rd Place

Mixed 4-hand U10 - 3rd Place

Girls 4-hand U12 - 3rd Place

Mixed 4-hand U12 - 1st Place

Girls 4-hand U15 - 18th Place

Mixed 4-hand U15 - 3rd Place

Ladies 4-hand 15&Over - 1st Place, 2nd Place, 5th Place, 6th Place

Mixed 4-hand 15&Over - 1st Place

These results reflect two years of dedicated training, much of it over Zoom, from our team and our staff. Every success is special, but this year's competition and achievements felt like a particularly proud triumph. We are looking forward to returning to international competitions in the new year. Our team will be traveling to Killarney, Ireland in February for the All Ireland Championships and later to Belfast, Northern Ireland in April for the World Irish Dance Championships!


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