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32 Medals and 2 Globes for Team Cleary in Belfast!

Team Cleary was absolutely thrilled to be in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the 50th Anniversary of the World Irish Dance Championships, especially after a two year postponement! Sending 13 soloists and 3 ceilis, Team Cleary represented the Western US among the highest caliber of Irish Dancing in the world. We couldn’t be prouder of everyone for coming together and bringing home 32 World Medals and 2 Globes back to sunny Los Angeles!

Solo Results

Phoebe Linn - World Recaller Girls U15

Jonathan Shirley - World Recaller 19th Boys U17

Grace Reynolds - World Medalist 9th Girls u18

Olivia Lenhert - World Recaller 59th u18

Izzy Taulli - World Medalist 14th Girls U20

Cadi Creager - World Recaller 25th Girls U20

Savannah Robinson - World Recaller Girls U22

Shannon Scott - World Recaller 42nd Senior Ladies

Team Results

Mixed O16 Ceili - World Medalists 3rd

Girls Under 19 Ceili - World Medalists 8th

Girls Over 19 Ceili - World Medalists 3rd

As our first overseas competition in 3 years, these results were particularly special to our team and staff. Congratulations to all of the dancers who represented Cleary Irish Dance, and a round of applause to all of the dancers, teachers, and organizers for an incredible week in Belfast. Team Cleary is already preparing for the North American Championships to be held this July in Montreal, Canada!


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