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This July 4th week, Cleary Irish Dance traveled to Orlando, Florida with 30 students to compete over 5 days at the North American Irish Dance Championships. We are delighted to report that Team Cleary returned to Los Angeles with 4 National Championship titles and 4 runners up!

Members of Team Cleary competed in both solo and team competitions in girls, boys, and mixed categories. Dancers ranged in age from 8 to 22 years old, succeeding across the board.

A particularly special highlight during the week was the Senior Ladies Ceili 16&O competitions. Two teams of 8 represented Cleary Irish Dance, competing against each other in an excellent competition, made up of nearly 40 teams from as far away as Australia. BOTH of the Cleary teams finished in the top 3, taking both 1st and 3rd place! A tremendous accomplishment, and true testament to the time and dedication all 16 dancers gave throughout the season. Check out a short clip of the exciting results below!

In all, 17 solo dancers competed throughout the week - 15 dancers recalled, 8 qualified individually for the World Championships (Greensboro, NC) 2019, 6 finished within the Top10, and 4 finished in the Top 2. Five teams of 8 competed for Team Cleary - all 5 teams finished in the Top 3 - three National Championship titles, one 2nd place and one 3rd place.

1st - Grace Reynolds U14 - WQ

1st - Ladies Ceili 16&O (Pakistan)

1st - Mixed Ceili U16 (Madagascar)

1st - Mixed Chili U13 (Australia)

2nd - Izzy Taulli U16 - WQ

2nd - Jonathan Shirley U13 - WQ

2nd - Jake McEntyre U12 - WQ

2nd - Girls Ceili U16 (France)

3rd - Ladies Ceili 16&O (Bora Bora)

7th - Erin Armstrong U20 - WQ

8th - Phoebe Linn Girls U11- WQ

12th - Savannah Robinson U17 - WQ

19th - Jessie Armstrong U13 - WQ

19th - Rio Navarro U9

25th - Oliver Marks U11

25th - Charlotte Bradley-McKinnon U14

26th - Shannon Scott 22&O

43rd - Hunter Grenier U22

47th - Alicia Zoelle U20

52nd - O'Meara Riley U18

57th - Olivia Lehnert U14

59th - Caroline Safford U15

We are immensely proud of the amount of work, time, and effort our dancers poured into this season. They have earned the short break, but will be back to work at full speed July 30th!

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